All are invited to join us for one of our weekend worship services.

Our Summer Schedule:

Saturday @ 4:30pm

Sunday @ 9:00am

This is our Schedule starting September 15, 2019:

Saturday Traditional Service @ 4:30 pm

Sunday Contemporary Service @ 8:15 am

Sunday Traditional Service @ 10:30 am

Sunday School/Confirmation/Adult Forum @ 9:20 am




The Lutheran Church celebrates two sacraments, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. Through water and the Word, we are reborn into the Church through Holy Baptism and with bread, wine and the Word, we are nourished to do God's work through Holy Communion. These sacraments are vessels that give us birth into Christ's body the Church and food for the journey as we grow in the Lord. 


We believe that Christ comes to us through the Sacraments, just like the Lord comes to us through God's Word. Exactly how God comes to us is a mystery, but Christ is truly present and, thus, the sacraments are not just symbols of Christ's presence. Rather, they are means of grace in which we receive the risen and living Lord.


 We celebrate Holy Communion weekly, for, like our daily bread, we receive Christ's body and blood to live in the Lord and be Christ's faithful followers. All who are baptized and believe in Jesus Christ are invited to share with us in receiving the gifts of Christ in bread and cup. A person is prepared to participate by simple trust in Christ whose body and blood were "given and shed for you for the remission of sins" and are given to you in the sacrament. 


IInfants, children, and adults may all be baptized, for as we are born into the world by God's grace, so are we born into God's family.


Children of all ages are welcome and encourage to be in worship at St. Peter! Although children (like all of us!) are involved in the entirety of the worship service, many children especially enjoy participating each week in the "noisy offering" by bringing forward coins for special outreach projects and dropping them in the bucket. We also occasionally have a brief children's sermon as part of the worship service.


If it is easier for you and your children, the overflow room in the rear of the sanctuary is available as an area for restless or crying children as necessary. The service can be heard through the speakers and the space allows children more room for "wandering." 

An unsupervised nursery space is also available in the building. Please check with an usher if you would like to use the nursery. 

Changing tables are available in each restroom.

Regular Worship Summer Schedule


 Worship Service




 Worship Service






Office Hours






Men's Bible Study meets the third Saturday of the month to discuss the lectionary readings for the week. Our next meeting is on Saturday, August 17th  8:00am.


Will not meet this summer, stay tuned for the September Gathering

Senior Fellowship Lunch usually meets on the third Friday of the month at 11:30 a.m. All "seniors" are welcome. Our next gathering will be August 16th.  Please join us and bring a friend! Contact Jim Daack for more information at (563) 583-0860.

Women's Bible Study is Thursday,

July 25th  at 1:30pm.

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