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St. Peter is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), located in Dubuque, Iowa. That means our ministry is part of a wider church of four million Lutherans in the United States. As an ELCA congregation, we believe all are welcome, including you!



We come together to worship God with music, preaching, prayer, and Holy Communion each weekend. Currently we have a Sunday morning service at 9:00 am, both in-person and via livestreaming on our YouTube page. All of our past services are available for viewing there, as well.


Due to the pandemic of 2020, we have temporarily suspended our regular Saturday worship services.


Additionally, once a month we have Sunday outdoor worship in our parking lot at 9 am (weather permitting). On those weekends, we will have an indoor Saturday service at 4:30 pm, so that we can record it for streaming on Sunday morning. All are welcome to attend both of these services. Please watch our calendar for upcoming dates.


You are always invited to join us at any worship service. You don't need to be a Lutheran, have church experience, or even consider yourself a Christian to come and see what God is up to here.

See the Worship page for more information.


Education Ministry

At St. Peter, we see Christian Education as one of our callings. In addition to Sunday School during the school year, we have a strong Milestone Ministry for families and kids, a great Vacation Bible School week at the end of June, and a variety of study and fellowship groups for adults.

See the Youth & Family page for more information on children and youth ministries, and the Small Groups page for adult opportunities.



Our Team includes:

Pastor Matthew Agee;

Education Coordinator, Miriam Bjornstad;

Visitation Minister, Jim Daack;

Office Manager, Christine Rapp;

Choir Director, Ann Gile;

Church Musician, Kristine Fishler;

Custodians, Angie & Stephen Puls. 

For staff biographies and contact information, see the Staff page.


Learn about our church history, our mosaic, or read the most recent edition of The Bellringer, our church newsletter.



Our church is governed by eight lay run boards, all of which report to the Parish Planning Council (PPC). Our current PPC Executive Director is Doug Horstmann.


The Board of Christian Education is responsible for Sunday School, VBS, adult study groups, and anything else related to the congregation's mission of Christian Education.


The Board of Lay Ministry is responsible for congregational fellowship and office/administration related areas of ministry.


The Board of Mission Support is responsible for the congregation's call to be a financial blessing beyond ourselves. As a tithing congregation, we are committed to donating at least 10% of our budget to ministries outside our walls. The Mission Support Board coordinates these donations, as well as fundraising for other ministries.


The Board of Worship is responsible for coordinating worship services and all the volunteers who make our services happen. More about the worship board.


The Board of Property is responsible for managing and maintaining the physical facilities of the congregation, including the church building and the Youth House.


The Board of Evangelical Outreach coordinates ways our congregation reaches beyond itself in mission, including service and outreach opportunities.


The Board of Stewardship administers the congregation's financial resourses, including the budget, operating fund, bequests, and fundraising. More about the Stewardship Board.


The Board of Youth & Family coordinates youth and family programming for our congregation, working in many areas with the Education Board. More about Youth & Family Ministry.

Worship With Us!


9:00 am

(In-person and live stream)

Holy Communion is

celebrated at all services, unless otherwise noted.

Please note: We have temporarily suspended regular Saturday Worship Services. However, as we continue to monitor the situation, please watch your Weekly News, our Facebook page, and the Bellringer, for updates.


Church Office Hours


9 am – 4 pm


9 am – 1 pm

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